About Us

COOP Fitness (Creating One’s Own Person) opened in September 2019 as a niche fitness studio located in the country on over 40 acres just outside of Komoka, Ontario. The vision was to provide personal training and other yoga classes to a small number of clients in a private, personal and spa like setting. The pandemic of 2020 impacted us all and has changed the world in many different and long-lasting ways for the long term.

The COOP remained open much of the pandemic – respecting the social distancing protocols by offering private and personal sessions through the creative use of the facilities – including the outdoor pool year-round.

The pandemic helped the COOP define its purpose and reinforce the vision of “Creating One’s Own Person”. The COOP has truly created a “community” with individual and group sessions tailored to the unique, personal and special needs of the clientele. Class offerings are flexible throughout the year to incorporate the property, seasons and needs/preferences of the clients.

Today, the COOP offers many different private and group classes throughout the week – at varying times – to accommodate differing schedules. Current classes being offered include:

Yoga/Yogalates – Aquafit – Mat Pilates – Kick boxing –
Circuit Training – Pilates  – 45 Minute HIIT –
Line Dancing

Separate group classes have been created/formed to support the special needs of the Down Syndrome Community, Mom’s and Baby’s and other Work Group team building – We are excited to be able to incorporate the outdoors into the training sessions and are always looking to add additional sessions to meet the special needs of our diverse clientele. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your personal goals.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Click the link below to get in touch. Whether you are looking for an all inclusive membership, personal training, or jsut want to drop-in and try a class there is something for you!