Creating One's Own Person

Personal Training

Group or Individual Training

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with our personalized training experience designed just for you. Our trainers prioritize getting to know you on a personal level, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment as you work towards your goals. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of group sessions or the focused attention of individual training, our team is dedicated to being with you every step of the way. Discover the power of a fitness ally who understands your unique needs and is committed to helping you achieve success, fostering a connection that goes beyond just workouts.

The Benefits of Personal Training

Let us help you achieve your health and fitness goals! We offer personal training in an inviting yet private setting with the ability to train in the beautiful outdoors.

Workout Efficiency

Every exercise is completed with a personal trainer by your side, helping motivate and guide you towards your goal.

Injury Management

A personal trainer will show you how to perform every exercise correctly to prevent any injuries.

Effective Support

All of COOP's staff provide a perfect balance of motivation and inspiration, making every session something to look forward to.


A personal trainer will work with you to acheive your fitness goals.

Creating One's Own Person

Nutrition Planning

Investing in personal training with COOP? Maximize the health benefits by adding on our Nutrition Planning service, available exclusively for our personal training clients. Our expert trainers will work with you to make a nutrition plan that pairs with your personal training schedule and fitness goals.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Click the link below to get in touch. Whether you are looking for an all inclusive membership, personal training, or jsut want to drop-in and try a class there is something for you!